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Tuusula has played a remarkable role in the military history of Helsinki. During this tour, we can wander through the history of Sweden-Finland military history and hear stories of their forces rehearsing their skills.

Tuusula community center Hyrylä has had it's own army site. Nowadays the site is being renowed to accomodate nearly 35 000 new habitants. We will wander through the history, hear stories of our war-heroes like Ilmari Juurilainen, a fighter pilot of the Ilmavoimat (air forces), and the top scoring non-German fighter pilot of all time. As the top flying ace of the Finnish Air Force, he led all Finnish pilots in score against Soviet aircraft in World War II, with 94 confirmed aerial combat victories in 437 sorties. His last resting site is in Tuusula Cemetery.

In Hyrylä there are still old wooden and red-brick barracks from the autonomy time. You will hear stories about the history of the Russian army hospital and the Anti-Aircraft Defence Museum.

Ketunretket provides art, nature and military tours for groups; you can hop on a comfortable 16-seat coach. During summer the tours can be done with bicycles, riding from museum to museum.

The tours can be customized to suit your interests and needs, so please, contact our guides Arja and Timo.