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Guided nature walk with all the senses at Tuusula
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150,00 € / 3 h


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Do you want to experience pure Finnish nature with all your senses? Experience and sense Finland's natural purity, fresh air, natural peace on the beautiful Tuusulanjärvi nature trail. You’ll get well-being from the nature

Take a sensory-rich nature walk with us in the Tuusulanjärvi area, only 20 minutes from the airport, 30 minutes from Helsinki

Unhurried walking tour accompanied by a guide along an easily accessible path, the route is not barrier-free, but is easily accessible

When you get together to the Sarvikallio campfire site, we will stop, where you will be served a meal in nature. We dine with a view of the lake, from which already in the 19th century famous Finnish artists, such as Jean Sibelius, Aleksis Kivi and Pekka Halonen, have sought inspiration for their famous works of art.

Our food comes from traditional Finnish cuisine, made from pure natural ingredients and local nature,

The Sarvikallio nature trail is located only 20 minutes by car from the airport, we will pick you up from the airport to your destination or, if you wish, we can arrange transportation for you from your accomodation / hotel (Tuusula located 30 km from Helsinki)

We follow an easy-to-navigate nature trail, a distance of about 2 km, during which the guide tells about nature and nature's effects on well-being

For the trip, you need footwear that is good for walking If necessary, you can borrow a raincoat and a seat pad from the organizer

The guide is a professional nature and wilderness guide, she has a long background in the field of health care, including first aid skills.

Our company has Green Activities certificate from Green key

You are perfectly safe! The duration of the excursion is 4 hours

Come and experience a sensory excursion with all your senses!